We exist to provide a meaningful change to the problem of homelessness through an innovative, sustainable and integrated housing solution.

A growing problem.

Affordable and suitable housing is becoming less accessible to Australians every day.  Homelessness is a pressing issue that requires immediate attention and effective solutions.

Forage Built believe that immediate action is necessary to provide essential facilities and resources to members of our community.

A new solution.

Our approach to the issue of homelessness combines architectural design, sustainable construction and community collaboration to create affordable and supportive housing solutions.

Forage Built Calyx 16

Calyx is defined as ‘the ring of small green leaves that protect a flower before it opens’ (Oxford English Dictionary, 2023).

To us, Calyx is more than just a botanical term; it represents a revolutionary housing concept addressing homelessness in Australia.

A secure, cost-effective, modular, portable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly 16m^2 home for individuals experiencing homelessness. 


Calyx 16 offers versatile configuration options to cater to various needs. While our primary focus is currently on providing the best cost efficiency when connected to the grid, we are actively developing an off-grid solution to ensure sustainability. 

Thoughtful, robust and attractive design.

Calyx 16 is built to accommodate the needs of all living beings.

Not only are these materials cost-effective, robust, and high-performing, but they also embody a deep commitment to environmental consciousness, incorporating biophilic design principles at every step.



Throughout Tasting Australia, festival-goers were able to see a prototype pod in Town Square and learn about Forage Built’s mission. Guests had the opportunity to donate to the Hutt St Centre and to Forage Built to help fund the construction of more Calyx 16 pods.

Yalumba Forage Built Homefullness Shiraz 2021
Shiraz for Good.

Forage Built x Yalumba
$22 per Bottle

This Shiraz is a delightful blend of berry cheesecake, cinnamon and dark chocolate flavours, with chewy tannins that will leave your taste buds wanting more. The true beauty of this wine however lies in its ability to make a positive impact on the world.

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