We exist to provide a meaningful change to the problem of homelessness through an innovative, sustainable and integrated housing solution.

A growing problem.

Today there is a lack of affordable and suitable housing in Australia, and the problem is actually increasing. Housing alone, however, is not a sufficient solution. A more integrated approach needs to be taken, and that’s what Forage Built’s mission is.

A new approach.

Forage Built seeks to bring people experiencing homelessness, appropriate housing, landholders, community support programs, volunteers, meaningful opportunities to work, and private and public funding together to help break the devastating cycle of homelessness that many people experience.

Forage Built Calyx 16

The concept of the Calyx – the protective layer around a flower bud – is to provide a safe, affordable, modular, transportable, energy efficient and eco-friendly 16 sqm home for people experiencing homelessness. Unlike other solutions, which include temporary use of motels and share houses, the Calyx offers a personal haven to store belongings, sleep safely and due to its clever and beautiful design, start to regain a sense of dignity and self worth. Furthermore, due to its planned configuration on a site, people can start to safely connect with others to form community, access services and find their way back into permanent housing.


Calyx 16 can be configured in multiple ways and, while best cost efficiency is currently on grid, we are working on a viable off-grid solution also. Its modular design allows for optional wet areas, and can also be configured on site to include sleeping quarters and living for a small family.

Thoughtful, robust and attractive design.

The selection of materials in the Calyx 16 has been highly considered with strategic alignment of a suite of hand selected materials that are not only cost effective, robust and high performing, but environmentally conscious with biophilic design principles throughout.


As at May 2020, we expect to be building our first prototype in June 2020. We have already received very generous support, and we are still seeking additional supports to donate funds to help get this initiative off the ground and then see it into the very near future. We also would invite landholders to speak to us about available land in the Adelaide metro areas as we also have a good business case for a quality ROI.

We aim to have reduced the number of people sleeping rough in the Adelaide CBD by 20% by the end of 2020. Please contact us to discuss this further. We’d love to hear from you.